Interior Aftercare Protection from Terry Shields Toyota

Do you feel like it’s a constant battle to keep your interior surfaces clean and fresh? Or perhaps due to your busy lifestyle you find yourself grabbing a bite to eat while driving into work each morning.

And no matter how careful you are, spills and accidents are simply unavoidable. Or, maybe you want to maintain that luscious look and feel of your leather interior?

Whether you’re the family taxi, constantly taking kids back and forth, or find yourself driving work colleagues to VIP meetings, keeping the interior of your vehicle clean can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Keeping the interior clean and stain free is important not only for your own comfort, but also to help preserve the true resale value of your vehicle.

With MotorOne’s range of High Performance Interior Surface Coating you can ensure the interior surface areas of your vehicle are protected. 

What is High Performance Interior Surface Coating?

MotorOne’s High Performance Interior Surface Coating provides a durable and invisible protective barrier against commonly consumed food and drinks whilst being completely safe for you, your family and the environment. Plus they also make maintaining your interior quick and easy!

We have a range of high quality, specialised protective coatings for leather, vinyl, fabric and carpet surfaces. 

The Solution

The Situation

No matter how hard you try, your vehicle's interior will be exposed to factors that have the potential to cause irreversible damage.

The sun's damaging UV rays can cause leather and vinyl surfaces to crack and split, while commonly consumed food and liquid spills can cause unsightly permanent staining on fabric & carpet surfaces.

The Solution

The Solution

Have your vehicle treated with MotorOne’s range of High Performance Interior Protection products. These specially designed protective coatings provide durable and invisible protection against staining caused by commonly consumed food and drink spills and UV induced discolouration. Our vinyl and leather coatings also protect against cracking and splitting, and all our coatings are backed by our nationwide lifetime warranty *

Why You Need Interior Protection

Once off application

No re-application required as it won't break down over time

Comes with a nationwide lifetime warranty *

MotorOne have never dishonoured a valid warranty claim

No annual inspections

Making life easier for you!

Hand-applied by trained professionals

So you don't have to waste your valuable time

Utilises Nanotechnology

Providing the most comprehensive protection available

Offers protection against UV discoloration

Caused by the sun's powerful UV rays

* Lifetime warranty terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please contact Terry Shields Toyota for more details.